• Right Place.  Right Strategy.  Right Company.

    The current illiquidity in the marketplace is providing generational land investment opportunities for the well prepared. Texas has one of the largest and most diverse economies in the world. It is also the fastest growing state in population and job creation in the nation and currently has a shortage of developed land parcels to meet its growing demands.

    Rockspring Capital is a second-generation company formed in 1973 with a successful track record of raising more than $265 million to date from investors including pension plans, foundations & endowments, wealth managers, family offices and high net worth individuals.  The company’s proven risk-adjusted model of direct and special situation investing in Texas land with all-cash has rewarded its current investors with capital preservation and appreciation even during the most challenging times.

    A compelling track record of an unlevered weighted average 37% IRR on all realized fund investments - in fact, not a penny of investor capital has been lost on any fund sale to date.

    “Cash is the only way to operate and only the most liquid can take
    advantage of the ton of emerging opportunities…”
    — Urban Land Institute, Emerging Trends in Real Estate Report